Last Visit Filter - Feature Focus

This weeks feature focus we are looking at something you may be less aware of or have not had a chance to discover yet. Today we will be showing you around an aspect of the filter that can come in handy when trying to make an informed call on wether or not a mark will actually still exist.

One great useful indicator for this is the date the last visit to a particular mark was registered with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM). We are fortunate enough that this date is included in the open data that powers Benchmrk.

last visit

We have leveraged this date by the inclusion of a temporal filter that allows you to filter marks that have been recorded against registered surveys in the recent months and / or years.

In the example shown here we are isolating marks that have been surveyed in the past 2 years. This can be a really powerful tool when not only working in older areas but also in greenfield projects where you know someone has most likely completed a survey in a the months leading up to your field work.