Tap & Hold - Feature Focus

This week we will be starting a small series of posts to cover some of the core features we have made to make finding survey control even easier.

The First of the features showcased in this series is Tap & Hold When ever you find an area that does not show enough points or you need survey control for an area but have limited information, you can simply tap and hold on the map, a pin will drop where you tapped on the map and Benchmrk will load 500 of the nearest Benchmrk points.

tap and hold

Every time you search for Benchmrk data the app searches the Benchmrk central database. If you are looking at an area you have not loaded data for before, the app needs to download the data for that location, this is why you can pan around without seeing survey control points everywhere they should be.

Can't see survey control for your area of interest simply, hit Reset > Pan to your area of interest > Tap & Hold to load the Benchmrk data for your area of interest.

This is our first feature focus, if you have any questions or queries please feel free to reach out to me through stephen@benchmrk.com.au