Benchmrk 2.1

We have now launched version 2.1 in the iOS app store. We have made some adjustments based on what we have learnt from our initial release. One of the biggest changes you will see is that access to all routing and form 6 information is now open and free of charge.

But I just Paid!

We thank you for acknowledging our hard work in deploying such a useful app and we trust you have enjoyed the increased productivity from using Benchmrk.

If you would like a refund on recent purchases please email me directly at with the purchase details and I will buy you a coffee (or the drink of your choice) and we can discuss what projects we can work on together next.

The next slight adjustment is in the refinement of the results card, this is to give you a more focused view on what you need, to isolate what results are most important to your needs.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy this new release and find it as useful as the Benchmrk community has already found.