Award-winning Benchmrk app launches for Queensland spatial professionals

The Benchmrk app, awarded the HERE Maps sponsored Map App Hack award at GIS Day in Brisbane in November 2014, has been much anticipated by spatial professionals and is set to launch on iOS through the Apple App Store this week. An Android version is currently in development for later release.
GIS Day 2014 Benchmrk has been developed to consume the open data relating to Permanent Survey Marks released by the Queensland Government, making it quicker and easier for spatial professionals to readily access this data on the go and in the field.

Developer of Benchmrk, Stephen Donaldson of Geolocarta, studied Spatial Science at the University of Southern Queensland and worked in and around the industry for a decade.

The idea for the Benchmrk app came from the cumbersome nature of acquiring data and documentation for Permanent Survey Marks. With the opening of the Queensland Government data we were enabled to develop Benchmrk to give spatial professionals dynamic access to this information via their smartphones from the field.

Following our win in the Map Hack App competition in late 2014, we further refined the app based on the feedback of spatial professionals we asked to test it in the field. The response from those who have tested the final app has been overwhelmingly positive, with testers saying it saves significant chunks of time while in the field.

Benchmrk offers intuitive search results using address, legal property description, latitude and longitude, device location and map pin.

iPhone in the field

Other features include:

  1. The ability to filter content to find the Survey Control required
  2. Easy to use map interface
  3. Only $1.49 per document, users can purchase via the app, with unlimited access once the document access is purchased
  4. Ability to access Government documents
  5. Navigation compass
  6. Driving directions
  7. Ability to store and share documents

How Benchmrk Works

To view benchmark data, you must first execute a search to download benchmark data around your area of interest.

The search bar can be used for a number of different searches:

  1. Search Address (Only Queensland addresses)
  2. Legal Description (Lot/Plan 173/SP276858)
  3. Benchmark ID (PSM Number: 138803)
  4. Lat Long (decimal degrees 152.957,-27.047)

Benchmrk can also tell you the closest Benchmarks to your location. Simply tap the  button and Benchmrk will load the closest marks to your device and list the 15 closest marks in order from closest to furthest.

When interviewed by the On the Land newsletter, Queensland’s Executive Director Land and Spatial Information, Steve Jacoby, was reported as saying:

It’s going to be a very useful tool for surveyors everywhere. It’s very innovative and we’re pleased to be associated in this way with an Australian first.”

Plans are in motion, says Donaldson, to roll out Benchmrk for the rest of Australia, starting with Victoria and South Australia.

“Benchmrk is a great example of how collaborations between governments releasing data and technology companies making that data available can bring real financial benefits to local businesses,” says Donaldson.

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To interview Stephen Donaldson call 04 0045 1984